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The new meeting location is the Stanford Cancer Center, 875 Blake Wilbur Drive, just across the street from the Blake Wilbur Clinic you are more familiar with. This is a beautiful new building and we have a conference room upstairs. Parking ($5) in the Blake Wilbur Parking Lot is reimbursed or you can park for free at the end of Blake Wilbur Drive.

The CPSG web site continues to receive a tremendous amount of attention as the primary source of information generated on behalf of CyberKnife patients. More doctors are responding to patients and each other about treatment options. We encourage you to share your story as inspiration to others. If you’d like to add your experience to the CPSG web site, please contact Valorie at for her assistance.

Mark will be in a Mercury News article this week-end as a CyberKnife patient along with Dr. Steve Chang. Mark will be in his riding attire posed with his bike. Donald was also interviewed last March and mentioned the CPSG. Articles such as these help to promote and alert individuals about the possibility of the CyberKnife and its benefits.

Stanford Community Day is April 10 at Stanford, 10:00am – 4:00pm. CK Society will have a small display in the Health Tent. Valorie and Dianna, Accuray, will be hosting the booth. This may reach you too late to be of value and I apologize for the delay in getting this information out.

We need to become more visible at the CyberKnife suites at Stanford and UCSF to promote the Patient Advocacy Program and to provide information to potential patients. There will be a concentrated effort to contact these sites to see how we can be more available.

It would be great to organize another CyberKnife Patient Reunion. Stanford would be the ideal setting. We can see what interest they have in participating at some level; likewise with CK Society. More to follow but if you would like to see another reunion, we welcome your suggestions and participation.

We continue to pursue the 5013C status and hope to make progress in the coming months.

Christina provided a brief update on her progress after treatment last year for an Acoustic Neuroma. She has made a tremendous recovery.

We’d love to hear from you.

Next Meeting: July 9th


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