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Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kamal & Shirley, Anthony, John, Valorie, Mr. & Mrs. Bob, Rosa & Walter , Maria, Mark, and Donald.

Chairman Donald opened the meeting and welcomed all.

Valorie presented the updates to the CyberKnife Patient Support Group (CPSG) website and passed around a printed copy.
· The site is
· One of the many changes includes the "Guest Book" which invites viewers to log in.
· The new "Message Board" acts as a bulletin board for individuals to pose questions or inquiries. Valorie invited others to post welcome notes as an inducement for others.
· The website is getting "hits" and prospective patient inquiries.
· Many new links have been added as additional resources and Valorie has been very wise to ensure that the CPSG link be maintained once the visitor is outside the CPSG domain.
· Valorie has been working with her website resources to solicit ideas for the CPSG logo. Several options were provided and the group has decided to narrow the selection down to three choices. The logo resembling a tree was the winner with a unanimous vote; however, the final decision will be made next meeting when Zee can be present to provide her example. Meanwhile, a placeholder has been established on the website until a suitable logo is defined.
· The CPSG Tax ID number has been received. Now the 501c3 tax exempt application (17 pages) needs to be completed.

John presented his perspective on the 501c3 and the "Physician Questions".
· John is working with Cooley Godward LLP to solicit their assistance to take on CPSG as a pro bono case for help in the 501c3 application, waiving the $150 application fee, and possibly being available for future legal aid. They will be a tremendous resource.
· As part of the 501c3 process, the meeting process will become more formalized with the election of officers, roles and responsibilities defined and meeting guidelines.
· Once established, Board of Directors will meet independent of CPSG.
· Nothing defined on the "questions" at this time. Since most of the symptoms for each individual may be unique from others, it would be difficult to generate generic applicable questions. One key question however could be "How did you decide on the CyberKnife?" We want to provide key and applicable questions that would facilitate healthy consideration and assist prospective patients in their decision process.
· Perhaps the CyberKnife Society would be an appropriate link or site for questions to be responded to by prospective patients.
Valorie provided the current CPSG Financial Statement. (See attachment)
· The $150 check provided by Accuray to cover the 501c3 application expense was returned to Accuray to be voided and replaced with a check to CPSG. If Cooley Godward will accept CPSG as pro bono, the $150 fee will be absorbed by the law firm’s tax department.
· Accuray will continue to support the CPSG on a $500/quarter basis through 2003.
· In order to set up the CPSG Non-Profit checking account, officers will need to be elected and a certified copy of the organization’s resolution included. This will be postponed until officers have been elected. Meanwhile, Valorie will continue to maintain the CPSG funds in her checking account.
Patti provided an Accuray update.
· The Accuray website now has a link to the CPSG.
· New CD with pictures made available to Valorie for the website.
· Stock Options are not available at this time.
· Accuray brochures (Patient & Product) will not be available until April. Once the electronic version is completed, a copy can be forwarded to include on the website, or at least a link.
· The "Basic Technology Primer for Patients" is available as a reference for those questions you may receive. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of Kristine Gagliardi and Helen Cheng, this will serve as a valuable resource. The CPSG will be provided updates, as modifications are needed. A copy is attached.
· New CEO (Euan Thomson), CFO (John Harland), COO (Chris Raanes) and VP of Customer Service (Doug Keare) at Accuray. The sales team is now increased to six and a Director of Downstream Marketing (Wendy Wifler) has been added, charged with success of the placement sites (USC, UCSF & Sinai). Consequently, the marketing requirements at Accuray continue to expand.
· New CyberKnife sites
·USC has treated over 50 patients, including their first lung and an ankle.
·Rocky Mountain CyberKnife Center is now treating. Dr. David Martin relocated from Stanford to be instrumental in this center’s success.
·UCSF is a placement, which means they are established as a revenue-sharing center, as opposed to a sale. They were just received final approval Friday, 2/21 and can officially start treatments soon.
·New installations to follow
· Sinai Hospital of Baltimore (MD)
· University of Utah (UT)
· St. Joseph’s Hospital/BNI (AZ)
· Tradeshow update
· ACRO in Phoenix, AZ (February 27-28)
· AANS/CNS in Tampa, FL (March 5-8)
· AANS in San Diego (April 28-May 1)
· Accuray’s ‘In Sync’ January Newsletter provided

Ester solicited someone to provide refreshments for the next meeting. Rosa suggested that rather than deplete funds from the CPSG as reimbursement, a $1 donation per person be taken at each meeting to cover refreshments for the next meeting. However, there was no consensus. Who will volunteer for the next meeting? All the beverages are provided by Accuray (coffee/juice/soda).

Donald raised the concern for the need to define fundraising activities for the CPSG.
· A committee is needed to explore various fundraising options.
·John suggested the use of a ‘Grant Writer’. A grant writer could generate a grant to solicit funds from various organizations that donate to non-profit groups. The group will need to determine the operating budget of the CPSG for the next year, considering insurance, website expenses, website publication fees, etc. Serious thought should be given the financial structure of the organization going forward.


· Possible additional links to helpful websites. Everyone
· New CyberKnife sites to be added to the "Links" page. Patti/Valorie
· Need everyone’s patient story added to the "Stories" page. Valorie and Patti are willing to assist, if necessary. Everyone
· CyberKnife news media pieces to be included to website. Patti/Valorie
· Valorie and John will work together to provide the necessary information to Cooley Godward for their pro bono determination.
501c3 Application
· A firewall will need to be constructed between CPSG and Accuray. Valorie?
· Officers and by-laws to be determined next meeting. Everyone (see attachment)
· Directors and Officers insurance for a non-profit organization. TBA
Patient Questions
· When responding to prospective patient inquiries, you must be careful to provide a disclaimer that you are only providing your personal experience and are not qualified to provide medical advice. Everyone
· Will there be doctors available to respond to prospective patient inquiries on the CyberKnife Society website? Patti

Action Items From October 12 Meeting:
· Valorie will investigate how to get a segment of the reunion dinner video as a downloadable option for the website.
· Volunteer needs for your consideration
· Web Site (Valorie and Nancy)
·Publicity – Video Creation (Judy)
·Finances (John & Valorie)
· Hospitality – Food for meetings (Esther)
Action Item: Everyone… Please read thru the list and contact Donald or Valorie if you can offer help in an area.

Next meeting: Saturday, May 3, 2003 from 10:00am-12:00 Noon
Accuray, 580 Pastoria Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085.

Minutes created by Patti


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