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The CPSG web site continues to receive a tremendous amount of attention as the primary source of information generated on behalf of CyberKnife patients. More doctors are responding to patients and each other about treatment options. We encourage you to share your story as inspiration to others. If you’d like to add your experience to the CPSG web site, please contact Valorie at for her assistance.

Donald was recently featured on a KRON-TV program featuring 3 patients treated at Stanford University Medical Center for various types of cancer. Donald was previously treated for an acoustic neuroma at Stanford but his segment of the program highlighted his prostate treatment with the CyberKnife. His treatment has resulted in very favorable results and he continues to improve. It is our hope to add this portion of the program to the CyberKnife website soon.

We had a very special patient attend our last meeting all the way from Italy. Lucia was treated in 2004 at Boulder by Dr. Dave Martin for a cerebral AVM. Hopefully, we can continue to hear from her on her progress and we’ll keep you posted on her status.

We would like to orchestrate another CyberKnife Patient Reunion event. Stanford would be the ideal setting and spring would be a good time. If you would like to see another reunion, we welcome your suggestions and participation. Please let us hear if you have interest in joining another reunion. 

Judy was treated for her meningioma prior to 2001 and is anticipating another MRI to confirm her stable status soon.

Donald’s acoustic neuroma and prostate continue to show very good progress.

We’d love to hear from you.

Next Meeting: October 8th



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