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CyberKnife Patient Support Group

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Donald, Zee, Valorie, Judith, Gordon, Mina, Mark, Kamal, Cindy, and Maria.

1) Reflections of Sept. 11th

2) Introduced New Participants – new CyberKnife patients discussed their conditions.

3) Committee Reports

A. Newsletter/Mission Statement – Donald handed out copies to everyone.
B. Logo – Zee showed us logo of Donald’s surgery face mask.
C. Publicity – Jan (absent)
D. Website – Valorie will use Dreamweaver and Zee will use FrontPage
(To be discussed at next meeting).
E. Videos – Judy

4) Financial Report – Donald handed out copies of the report, a new member donated $150.00.

5) Discuss Accuray – CNN plans on taping the CyberKnife.

6) Videos – An Infomercial from Staten Island University Hospital was shown.
(To send for a free 6 minute tape call 1-800-944-3696.)
Valorie showed KRON Healthbeat, KNTV News Healthwatch, Microsoft NBC The Site, Medstar Source CyberKnife on Val’s AVM, and ABC World News with Peter Jennings.