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Meeting Minutes

1) President Donald opened the meeting at 10 am and greeted all in attendance
a) Introductions were made by all in the room which included Accuray executives and Cyberknife Society members, approximately 25 in all.
b) Conference call was not functioning until later in the meeting due to technical difficulties

2) Accuray Update by Kristine & Patti
a) Reviewed information in packet which included various articles and publications on the Cyberknife as well as reference information
b) Accuray recently completed it’s first profitable quarter
c) Update on Cyberknife placements: 12 in USA, 6 in Japan, 1 in Taiwan, 3 in Korea, and 2 in Italy
d) There are currently 19 cyberknife contracts or Letters of intent in effect throughout the USA
e) 5440 patients had been treated by the Cyberknife worldwide through July 2003 , which was double the figure from a year ago
f) Intracranial treatments still is the dominant application but extra cranial treatments have expanded from 7 in 2002 to 52 in 2003
g) Patient inquiries can be forwarded to Kristine

3) Web Page update by Valorie
a) Valorie utilized an online hook up to demo for the group all the modifications to the web site
b) Expansion of links to other sites and reciprocal links from roughly 8 of those sites
c) CPSG web site has been submitted to 4 additional search engines and has joined the WebRing
d) Valorie went through the stories section with emphasis on Thaye and Jeanne’s AVM stories who participated via the phone hook up.

4) Cyberknife Society update by Dr John Adler and Dr. Peter Heilbrun
a) Dr. Adler talked about the dream of the Cyberknife and how CPSG was the validation of that dream
b) Purpose of the Cyberknife Society is primarily to be a professional exchange and will be a major focus for Dr. Heilbrun
c) Dr. Adler talked about the Cyberknife having a medical story and a technology story which were exciting, but that nothing was more important than the patient stories that CPSG could provide
d) Dr. Adler discussed the advantages of the Cyberknife not utilizing a frame and the tremendous future it had in being applied to treating tumors elsewhere in the body.

5) Board meeting update by Donald
a) Non Profit incorporation status complete
b) Fundraising discussion and decision to explore utilizing a professional fundraiser
c) Esther will take the lead in developing a newsletter

6) Donald reinforced the need for people to contribute their stories and how important they were to newly diagnosed patients

7) Group discussion and sharing of stories

8) Dr. Adler suggested CPSG develop a patient handout that could be distributed to patients at all Cyberknife locations. The board will pursue the idea and identify someone to take this project on

9) Next meeting was scheduled for January 10, 2004 from 10 am to noon at Acurray’s new office at 1310 Chesapeake Terrace , Sunnyvale. Utilizing a phone hook up for out of town members will again be considered

10) Donald adjourned the meeting at noon

Respectfully submitted by Mark

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