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After loosing my left eye vision I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma and went to surgery at Kaiser in Redwood City, CA. On November 18, 1999, Dr. Merv Kril told me that he was able to remove only about 65% of the tumor, and the residual could be taken off by a new method for which he thought I would be a good candidate. But… we had to first meet at Stanford with Dr. Adler to see if he would take me. After a wait of almost three months, finally we got a call from "dear Barbara" and she set an appointment for me. Needless to say that then again we were hoping for another miracle: to be a CyberKnife approved candidate.

The day came…nerves all over again! We met with Dr. Adler and his staff. After the initial questions they all left the room and we had to wait again for the decision. And then…it happened!! I could get the CyberKnife treatment. We love that machine! It performs such miracles!

Thank you Dr. Adler and staff for giving me the opportunity to talk about it. It was painless and somehow I never questioned "what if…" I knew that it was going to be O.K. My MRI’s are proving so. I was happy, not only to recover my vision but to keep it from declining. "HATS OFF TO CYBERKNIFE!"

Walter and Dr. Adler
Walter and Dr. John Adler