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Welcome From Dr. John Adler

I want to welcome you to the “Ask the Doctors” section of the CyberKnife Society Patient Support Group. The simple goal of CyberKnife technology has always been to destroy cancers and other pathologic lesions as painlessly as possible. Despite the tremendous progress to date, our ultimate mission remains very much a work in progress. Nevertheless those medical professionals working with CyberKnife remain resolute, and with time, intend to achieve the full potential of this truly remarkable technology. In the meantime, much of the suffering that any patient experiences comes from the uncertainty and worry that surrounds an often times life threatening illness. By offering emotional support from volunteers, who often know first hand what a patient is feeling, the CyberKnife Society Patient Support Group seeks to alleviate some of this pain.

In this section of “our” website, a team of volunteer doctors, all of whom use the CyberKnife, will try to answer any medical questions you might have that are specific to your illness. Any visitor or participant to this section must understand that such limited communication is not a replacement for the practice of medicine. A physician is at a great disadvantage giving advice over the web to a patient who more often than not suffers from a very complex illness. Nevertheless, some medical questions about CyberKnife Surgery can be simple, and it is such inquiries for which this section is intended. I want to acknowledge the efforts of all the physicians that contribute to this website. Please be mindful that these doctors are not paid for their efforts and render such advice merely as a community service. Please also be patient, since each of our contributing doctors has a large practice of medicine which remains their primary professional responsibility. In addition some of our physician contributors may feel they are unable to provide an appropriate advice for some inquiries, which may leave your question unanswered. However, it is hoped that through the interaction that does goes on in the “Ask the Doctor” section, many patient queries can be addressed, and in the process, many anxieties relieved.

John R. Adler, Jr., MD
Professor of Neurosurgery
Stanford University
(650) 723-5573